Day 1 – Budapest June 28

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Day 1 – Budapest June 28

 Scenic Tour – Jewels of Europe 2023 on Scenic Jade

The journey begins in the vibrant city of Budapest, the capital of Hungary and one of Europe’s oldest and prettiest cities. This afternoon, board your all-inclusive luxury Scenic Jade and settle into your suite. Balcony suites have windows that convert into a Scenic Sun Lounge, allowing you fresh air and uninterrupted views of ever-changing landscapes and life along the riverbanks. Relax and raise your glass to the days ahead at this evening’s welcome reception.

Meals Included: Dinner

“Budapest – divided by the Danube, with Buda on one side and Pest on the other, this city became united in 1873 when a newly built bridge connected the two. The city is an architectural treasure trove comprising styles from Gothic to Art Nouveau and everything in between. It is also well known for its hot springs and thermal baths and has a vibrant nightlife scene.”


We left Calgary, June 27 at 3:15 on KLM678 (Royal Dutch Airlines) and arrived in Amsterdam on June 28 at 8:10.  For the first time everyone had an air tag in their suitcase even though we had never had any issues when travelling.  So we were very surprised to discover on our arrival in Amsterdam that according to Kevin and Kim’s air tags their suitcases were still sitting in the Calgary Airport.  They informed the KLM desk but they seemed confused as to how they knew and were certain the suitcases were on the flight.  So continuing on to Budapest, the flight left at 11:25 am and arrived at 1:20 pm.  Down to the luggage carousel  where not to our surprise Kevin’s and Kim’s luggage did not appear.  A visit to the lost luggage counter to again report their luggage was still in Calgary!  Then a bus ride to the Scenic Jade located on Danube in Budapest!

A quick shower, off to the lounge for a drink and the port talk then down to the dining room for supper.  In the evening we were fortunate to have a night cruise to view the city lit up, as we cruised to a new mooring spot.





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