2019-10-09 Home

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2019-10-09 Home

Day 15

After a delicious breakfast, prepare to head home.

We leave at 12:25pm and arrive Calgary at 1:25pm the same day – after a nine hour flight!  Time to get groceries.  🙂
We had everything packed and outside the door before heading to the lounge to wait for our luggage and bus. We were able to sit down for breakfast. Thankfully I was a bit more alert on this trip than I was the year before. It was wonderful not to have a 6:00am departure. We even got to have breakfast!  Of course just as we were about to trudge to the bus it just started pouring rain, oh joy! The sun broke through on our drive to the airport. We had a couple of hours to do a bit of last minute shopping then boarded the plane for home!  Tired and water logged!


Good Morning
It was great to meet and chat with Ms. Pat.
You have made a new follower, who will make time to go through your travel journey.

Thanks for the comment, I hope you enjoy some of the more unusual roads I travelled! – I will soon be adding more to the website.

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