2019-10-01 Moselle Valley Cruising

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2019-10-01 Moselle Valley Cruising

Day 7

Appreciate the allure of the Moselle Valley from the opulence of your Scenic Space-Ship as you delight in a full day cruise. 

Enjoy another Sundowner
Today is a sailing day! We are spending a relaxing day cruising the Moselle to Bernkastel-Kues. Yahoo! Watch the scenery, try not to freeze, hopefully no soaking rain – finally the port talk with Simon, drinks before dinner then afterwards a fun time in the Opal Lounge at the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Murder Quiz with David!
Beilstein was settled around AD 800 by the Franks. In 1309 was granted town privileges by Heinrich VII and fortified.

Metternich Castle rising above Beilstein was first mentioned in 1268 though some believe it was constructed in 1129. It became the property of the Metternich family in 1637, and was destroyed in the Nine Years War in 1689. Klemens von Metternich, the Austrian Chancellor, was the last Metternich to own this property.

Stuben Abbey on the opposite bank from Bremm – The Abbey was founded in 1167 and limited to 100 women. The nunnery was abandoned in 1794, today only the ruins of the monastery church built in 1685/87 remain.

The historic village of Bremm is the site of Europe’s steepest vineyards. The vine covered hill above Bremm, called the Calmont, has an inclination of 72%.

Village of Neef – there are traces of human habitation back to the Middle Stone Age, about 4000 BC.

Village of Bullay – building along the waterfront.

Village of Zell was founded by the Romans after AD 70 and granted town rights in 1222.

with the ruins of Grevenburg Castle above. The castle built in 1350 was destroyed by the French in 1734.

Hochmoselbrücke – High Moselle Bridge – finished in November 2019 just north of Zeltingen-Rachtig.

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