2019-09-30 Cochem

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2019-09-30 Cochem

Day 6

A medieval gem resting on the banks of the Moselle River, Cochem will make you feel as if you’re stepping directly off the ship and into a fairy tale. Explore this charming city on a guided tour, culminating in a visit to the iconic Reichsburg Castle.
We woke up in Cochem and were able to walk off the ship after breakfast, go across the bridge and explore the medieval shopping area.  A little bit of sun mixed with clouds – not raining yet!  We returned to the Opal for lunch before going on our guided tour of Cochem and Reichsburg Castle.  After our tour of the Castle we headed off to do some shopping and find the early 19thC Mustard shop where found some mustard to take home!

Drinks before dinner, the port talk, after dinner an amazing Violinist along with a drink or two in the Opal Lounge.

The romantic Reichsburg Castle, perched on a steep elevation dominating the town. Built in 1051, it was destroyed along with most of the town by the troops of Louis XIV of France in 1689. The castle wasn’t reconstructed until the 19th century.

Enderttor is the largest of three Medieval city gates, built in 1332 at the northern entrance to the city. The gate with its guard house attached controlled the route into the city along the valley of the Endert, a left tributary of the Moselle. It was also the city prison for a time.  Bauluin’s Gate goes through the medieval city wall by a cemetery and another view of the castle.

Rathaus – 1739 Baroque-style City Hall


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