2019-09-28 Heidelberg

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2019-09-28 Heidelberg

Day 4

Join an expert local guide on a historic tour of Heidelberg, where you’ll visit Heidelberg’s Renaissance castle. The castle ruins are among the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps.

We docked in Mannheim around 5:30 am.  After breakfast we gathered in the lounge for our  8:35 departure for our 30 minute coach ride to Heidelberg Castle.  We had a tour of the castle before getting some free time in the market place where we were fortunate enough to find a music festival and a parade!

Back on board we had a late lunch then we on our way to Rudesheim at 3:15.  Thankfully no rain so we were able to go up top and take some pictures.

Drinks in the lounge, dinner at 7:00 pm, back to lounge for entertainment, drinks and dancing before bed!


Heidelberg Castle: Construction began in the early 13thC and by the end of the century there was an upper and lower castle. The first mention of a castle in Heidelberg is in 1214, when Louis I, Duke of Bavaria of the House of Wittelsbach received it from Hohenstaufen Emperor Friedrich II. By 1294 an upper and lower castle exist.  A document from 1303 mentions two castles.

In 1537 a bolt of lightning destroyed the upper castle on Kleiner Gaisberg Mountain near today’s Hotel Molkenkur.

The present, lower castle is located on the Jettenbühl.

Elisabeth Gate was built in 1615 as a present from Elector Frederic V to his wife Elisabeth Stuart, the daughter of King James I of England.

Old Bridge – Built of Neckar valley sandstone from 1786-1788 at the order of Prince Karl Theodor, the famous Old Bridge (Alte Brücke) across the Neckar River, is one of the last large examples of classical stone bridge building. The 8 precursors of today’s Old Bridge were all made of wood and continually destroyed by wars and floods.  The Bridge Gate on the south side is from the Middle Ages.

The Marktplatz (Market Square) is the heart of Heidelberg Old Town. 

Known as Heiliggeistkirche in German, the Church of the Holy Spirit dominates Heidelberg Market Square.   

Heidelberg Altstadt (Old Town) spreads around the Market Square and stretches along the Neckar River. 

Heidelberg has one of the world’s oldest universities, established in 1386 by Pope Urban VI.




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