2019-01-29 Agua Fria – Brooklyn Basin

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2019-01-29 Agua Fria – Brooklyn Basin

(Above photo – View of Brooklyn Basin area from top of small hill overlooking it.)

The last exploration before packing up tomorrow and heading for home on the 31st.  So amazing to be up on the Mesa so soon.  We had been to Brooklyn Basin in 2017 but had not finished our exploration of the cliff faces.  We tried to find the point where we stopped our exploration in 2017 then headed south-west along the base of the cliffs and began to search for petroglyphs which we soon found.  We were able to get to the top at a couple of points so there was no need to go back the way we had come.  Karen headed back to the car first and I went back after exploring the petroglyphs on the boulders on the top of the mesa.  As I walked back to the car I decided it was time to check out the hill on the other side of the ruins.



After I had a quick bite to eat I headed up the hill while Karen snoozed in the car.   Once I got to the top I was so shocked to see petroglyphs….I was hoping but didn’t really expect them.  It was a very happy find!


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