2019-01-26 Eagletail Mountains Rock Hounding

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2019-01-26 Eagletail Mountains Rock Hounding

Off to the Eagle Tail Mountains for our last rockhounding trip of the season.  We met Georgina and Ray off Highway I-10 and headed south to the first location not far from the highway.   Though we found the remains of a mine we did not find any chrysocolla or malachite.   We did not drive down the hill to look for sites at the bottom – though I did hike down and saw no signs that rockhounders had been as far as I went.

The second site was located on a low hill about 1/2 mile north off the I-10.  Rockhounders are looking for agate (fire) and chalcedony at this site.  We did not find fire agate.  We found a multitude of tiny desert roses laying on top of the ground, but did not dig in an attempt to find a ‘good specimen’.🤭



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