2019-01-20 Brenda Rock Hounding

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2019-01-20 Brenda Rock Hounding

We took a day off before going west again to a tiny village called Brenda, near Quartzite to explore a couple of rock hounding spots located nearby.  We met Karen’s friends, Georgina and Ray, then headed out.  Georgina had been there before so she took the lead.  The first road we went down was not correct but it was fun to explore the area, which was beautiful, before heading back to find the trail we missed.  We were soon parked in a wash looking for jasper!  After searching the area, finding lots of jasper, we had lunch then moved on to another site which was located just off the road on the other side of  Brenda.  A quick walk across the road then follow a well-defined path to the hills south of the road.  After our pockets and/or bags were filled with pebbles and rocks, we called it a day and were soon on the way back to Mesa.


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