2019-01-18 Tyson Wash Petroglyphs

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2019-01-18 Tyson Wash Petroglyphs

After spending the day with with Karen’ s friends looking for geodes at the Hauser Geobeds, we headed back to Quartzite for a last attempt at finding Tyson wash before going back to Mesa.  The new instructions I found were very good but the photo of the area that was posted was necessary to help find the turn off  since we couldn’t find the post with the number.  Just be careful, scrutinize the picture carefully because you may see a very similar hill first – keep going there is a second hill to the west with a trail going up it – turn there and head west towards the wash!   Finally success!  The out cropping in the above picture has badly eroding petroglyphs on it.  There is another formation across the wash (picture taken from the top of it) that has grinding holes – just below the rim the rock formations the rock overhang creates a couple of rock shelters used by the prehistoric inhabitants of the area.


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