2019-01-17 Dripping Springs

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2019-01-17 Dripping Springs

After a day of rain we decided to get ready and head for California again.  We left very early on the 17th so we could try to find a couple of sites and spend the night in Blythe again.   On the 18th we would meet with Karen’s friends and do some rock hounding at the Hauser Geobeds before heading back to Mesa.

First place we were going to try to find was Dripping Springs Petroglyph site.  We found the main road easily, found the  wash but the directions we had were pretty confusing so it took us a few minutes of muddling about the pebble wash, passing an old mine office/cabin before we got to what we thought was the right trail.  Hard to say sometimes when channels branch off in the creek bed.  When we arrived at the top of a hill,  the creek bed seemed a bit more ‘sketchy’ to me – it was time to park and hike for a bit and explore.  So while scouting out the area on foot we ran out of time and energy and didn’t find the petroglyph site.  I’ll have try to find more information on its location.  And next time we’ll have to take Roxie with us! 😅

After getting to the highway again we headed for Quartzite.  Apparently there is suppose to be petroglyphs in Tyson wash.  Again following directions from others on the internet – we didn’t find them! 🙄

So that night in Blythe I searched the internet and did find an account of someone who had followed the same information that we had had to find Tyson Wash – didn’t find it either – then discovered the site and gave directions and pictures of the spot to go off the gravel road. So after the Geo Hauser beds the next day we would give finding Tyson Wash another try!


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