2019-01-14 Badger Springs

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2019-01-14 Badger Springs

After rain a few days before, we attempted to get to Agua Fria.  On the way we stopped just off Hwy I17 past exit 244 to have a look at Black Mesa – for a future excursion to the ruins and petroglyphs at the top.  Once we finally got to Bloody Basin road we were encouraged by the small amount of water in the wash and continued on to the top of the Mesa but before long we were looking for a place to turn around.  The road was getting increasingly slick with wet clay and increasingly rutted.  We stopped and had lunch before leaving and continued on to a site we had been to many times before –  Badger Springs trail.  Its a nice short hike in the wash and at the confluence with the Agua Fria there is a petroglyph site .  After the rain we’ve had and the state the mesa was in we were not surprised to find a bit of water in the stream flowing into the river.


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