2019-01-13 Hayden Butte

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2019-01-13 Hayden Butte

Trying for an easy day today so off to Hayden Butte in downtown Tempe. Not too busy on the freeway because its Sunday.  Found parking near the Sun Devil football stadium. Then walked around the north side of the hill to find the paved trail to the top, trying to spot Hohokam petroglyphs along the way on this busy city trail.  We went right to the top for the fabulous views (top picture Papago Park north view from top of Hayden Butte).  I managed to spot a few petroglyphs on the trail up and at the top but it was when I went down the path to the south side of the mountain that I found an outcropping of rock with more petroglyphs.  This site has lost many petroglyphs due to theft, vandalism and construction.  Between 700 AD and 1450 AD, a large Hohokam village site was located around the base of Hayden Butte.  The light rail station, ASU Stadium, and large portions of the ASU campus and Tempe were built over the ruins of this village.

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