2019-01-12 Mineral Mountain Road

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2019-01-12 Mineral Mountain Road

The road from hell and yet we went again! Only this time we would be driving Roxie instead of hiking. Yahoo? Arriving at the top of one hill, Karen started down, stopped half way, looked at the other side and hmmm, then we were backing up the hill we had just come down. Parked just off the road, got out, looked at the hill going up wondering how to drive up it when along came a truck. They stopped, asked if we were okay, then I said yes – we were just wondering how to get up the other side since we were newbies to four wheel driving – so if he was going up the other side, we’d just watch the path he took – he did, then we were back in the car doing the same!

We were trying to follow a map to the rock hounding site called Woodpecker Mine.  We made a quick detour to visit the Cottonwood Canyon petroglyph site – revisiting it, after hiking to it in 2017,  5 hours round trip back to where the car was parked. We then continued on to find the trail we needed, alongside a wash, up a small incline then full stop. A truck stopped in the middle of a wash with a wheel off! Oh joy. Pondering the situation and time left in the afternoon we decided to run away and come back another day. Unfortunately we didn’t get another day this year. But we will in the future.


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