2018-11-04 Horseshoe Dam

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2018-11-04 Horseshoe Dam

Up early and off to Horseshoe Dam,  Carmen stayed behind having been out to the site in the past.  The road seemed a bit worse this year…it must have rained recently.  We might have over estimated Serra’s youthful sense of adventure as she white knuckled the bar above the glove compartment on the jeep!   No cellular connection as we rock and rolled down the wash to Horseshoe Dam.  I can’t say as I blamed her,  I bounced around in the back seat with Jade (she didn’t look too impressed either) – Karen was driving.  But this was an ‘easy road’ that we had done a few times in the past in the Honda CRV….soooo…  on with the rock hounding trip – Karen was looking for black agate.  Serra was a bit happier when we got to our destination and had ‘Service’ on her phone.  Being a bit shaken around I was ready for a walk in the wash and okay with foregoing a hike up the hill to the ruins we had discovered the first time we explored the area.  So after a quick stop to view the reservoir we found a wash and started looking.

The first time at the Dam we actually stumbled onto a ruin with petroglyphs, Sept 25, 2016, and returned again on Oct 6 so I could explore the ruins and see if I missed any petroglyphs that first afternoon.  It was afterwards we found information on St. Clare’s ruins and finally located it along the road shortly after the pavement ends.



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