2018-12-29 Lynx Creek

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2018-12-29 Lynx Creek

Still recovering from the flu I had over Christmas, I went with Karen and Stewart to Lynx Creek on a rock hounding/metal detecting trip. Several miles of Lynx Creek has been withdrawn from mineral claim, meaning that these areas are open to recreational prospecting.  The Forest Service considers “recreational use” to be limited to gold panning and metal detecting.  An ideal place for Karen and Stewart to practice!

Not quite recovered and not quite warm – I wore my flannel lined jeans – in Arizona!  We had to walk down to the creek because the Trump shutdown meant no one was being paid to open the gate or deal with garbage or pit toilets! Oh well!  So after getting to the partially frozen creek I left them to it and wandered about exploring the area.  After an hour or so I decided to let them finish up and started back to the car while I still had the energy to make it – the road being uphill from the creek.


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