2018-12-15 Olberg

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2018-12-15 Olberg

On December 15 we decided to go looking for a petroglyph and a desert rose site from information that was a good 50 years old. Well, while we found the ‘Olberg area’ it is now and perhaps always was on Reservation land and from our perspective if there had been a village or town there 50 years ago there was not one now.  So when we ran out of road and were staring into the desert scrub and sand, and pointed towards the mountains, no road, we decided it was best to turn around – especially since we had no permission from anyone to be on Reservation property and were basically trespassing.  So we went back to a ‘park’ we had passed by and stopped there, took a few pictures and discovered the park wasn’t finished or ‘open’….Hopefully in the future the Gila River Project will be successful in bringing back water to the area.


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