2018-11-25 Estrella Mountain Park

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2018-11-25 Estrella Mountain Park

Trying to find places ‘close’ to Mesa we went to Estrella Mountain Regional Park today.  We found out on the internet that they were having a guided hike to some petroglyphs.  So off we went on an hour drive arriving about 8:00 am.  We met at the Horseshoe trail head – the hike was easy, only about a mile and a half round trip – Jade went with us.  Well at least there were a couple more Hohokam petroglyphs than we found at the San Tan Mountains!   The Hohokam inhabited the area from around 500 A.D. to 1450 A.D. Across from the petroglyph site we could see another hill – we were told it was Mica Hill and were reluctantly told that though there were petroglyphs there half of the mountain was private and used for gravel and hiking on the Estrella Park side was not ‘really’ allowed. Damn!  Before leaving we went on another shortened hike on the Saddle/Baseline trail.  An interesting side bit … the Gadsden Purchase Boundary Line is in the Estrella Mountain Park,  South of the Gila was in Mexico pre June 30,1854 – when the Mexican border changed to its present day location.



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