2018 Nov 8, Sycamore Creek

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2018 Nov 8, Sycamore Creek

After a couple of days off for ‘housekeeping’ and shopping – I tried to find something warm to wear (who knew winter in Arizona required warmer clothing than summer) – we headed out to Sycamore Creek.  Just down Power road to Bush Highway and Hwy 87,  past a staging area, then down a sandy back trail to Sycamore creek in our search for Pink Marble.  After traveling down the trail we finally made it to Sycamore Creek.  There, we turned left – instead of right.  Yes right would have been correct.  So we spent the next few hours wandering trails in the wash, experiencing Roxie’s first off-road trip! Very exciting, me cringing at every bump!  Finally we stopped for lunch and I took a walk down one of the side roads.  We knew by then we would have to go back to our information and try again another day – so back to the wash, stopping so Karen could have a look – a group of ATV’s went by – then straight towards the hill and back down the sandy trail to Bush Highway and home.


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