2018 Nov 5, Camelback Mountain

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2018 Nov 5, Camelback Mountain

We didn’t get up too early because we were off with Serra to hike the Cholla Trail on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.  There is a gain of elevation of 1250 feet over about 1.42 miles.  Sooo, Karen and I were just going to do what we could while Serra ran ahead and we would turn around when she came back.  I like to believe we got 3/4 of the way up but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was only half way.  While we rested for 15 minutes under a tree, after pulling ourselves up to that point on the ‘hand rail’, we saw a dot of pink way up on the trail and decided we were very lucky – it was Serra on her way back so we didn’t have to go any further – Yahoo!  Then – as Serra went ahead again, we started to inch our way down – me being the last – I like to blame my short legs…. Back to the house, then a dip in the pool and 5 minutes in the hot tub for our aching muscles.  After that we were off to Oro Craft beer – the best beer ever and the best sandwich ever from two doors down.  The beer was so excellent we decided to take one home with us.  After getting back to the house we ended Serra’s last evening with a bottle of red.  Yummmm.



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