2018 Nov 18 Peralta Trail

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2018 Nov 18 Peralta Trail

After a year we finally decided to finish the Peralta Trail hike.  Last year after being chased off by gunfire on the way to Superstition Marble we stopped here on the home and scouted out the trail but were not prepared to hike up to the Wind Cave so never finished it.  This year we somehow got off trail at the Wind Cave sign and met up with a young fellow who also was a bit confused – a lady came along and took us back to the sign 🙃 .  So off we went.  It was, in the beginning, a slow increase in elevation.  Fifteen minutes into the hike we heard someone yelling ‘HELLOOO’ —  someone had lost the trail so I held up my hiking stick so they could see where we were – it turned out to be the young fellow lost again 🤭 ! Finally the trail became steeper and narrowed even more, rocks had to be scrambled up and care taken on the down hill sections so as not to slide on the loose rocks and fine sand.  We finally arrived at the cave – cool breezes and sandy bottom and incredible views!




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