2018 Nov 15 Back to Sycamore Creek

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2018 Nov 15 Back to Sycamore Creek

So today we are off to Sycamore Creek to see if we can find the Pink Quartz site – again.  This time we headed straight across the wide wash to find the intersection of Trail 1849 and 1851.  We need to go down Trail 1849.  This time we found it but then we went down a side channel over top the large rounded ‘pebble’ wash bed.  Wrong again.  So we found the ‘trail’ again – rocking and rolling over top of more large ‘pebbles’ before arriving a the sandy part of the trail.  After stopping for lunch in the shade of a tree we decided to carry on down the trail…. that’s when Roxie got scratched 🙁 .  Okay – I can handle it 😥 .  We arrived at the end of our trail at a steep hill.  Karen and I walked up the hill and found evidence of Pink Quartz but still didn’t find the site.  No doubt sometime in the future I’ll be back in the area 🤪 .  After sliding down the hill we went back to Bush Highway and stopped at Pebble Beach for a quick look before continuing back to the house.



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