2018 Nov 13 and Dec 04 Superstition Marble

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2018 Nov 13 and Dec 04 Superstition Marble

Tuesday and we are off to find the Superstition Marble rock hounding site in the Superstition Mountains.  We had started down this road last year but it was on a Sunday and we ran into a multitude of families setting up their Sunday shooting ranges on both sides of the road.  Tables under umbrellas, a selection of firearms set out in a row, ammunition.  Targets placed toward the mountains, spent shells and bits of shot up targets all over the ground.  Some people go on picnics with their kids on warm Sunday mornings.  We discovered today that some people take their families shooting on a Sunday – yes men, children, wives and girlfriends milling about having a great time.  We turned the car around and got the hell out!  So this year we made sure it wasn’t Sunday when we attempted to get to the marble site.  There were still a couple of guys setting up but it wasn’t like the major shooting gallery of last year so we carried on into the mountains.  I was a bit shocked when we passed over a giant spider (we assume it was a tarantula) that was like some alien gamboling across the road a few miles in.  Luckily after that the only thing we saw on the road was rocks, but I kept my eyes open when we stopped to explore a bit.  Finally after three bumpy sections of road we found a wash to park in before walking up to the marble site.  On Dec 4, we went back to the site with Stewart who did a bit of metal detecting but found nothing, and surprisingly very few tabs and bottle caps!  But he did pick up a piece of marble or two.  Before you know it he’ll be a rock hounder!


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