2018 Nov 12 Hidden Valley

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2018 Nov 12 Hidden Valley

Today we were off to South Mountain for the Mormon Trail, Hidden Valley hike.  It was an amazing hike.  The sun was hot and the wind was cool!  Once at the ‘top’ of the trail we headed to the right towards Fat Man’s Pass for the ‘easy route’ into Hidden Valley which involved sliding between the boulders (or going over top) – I slid in between – then through the wash to hidden valley.  When the trail through the wash disappeared we found a short passage to the right through the rocks to an ‘overhang shelter’.  It seemed like there was no way forward but we were lucky that another hiker was having lunch and pointed out a path forward over the curving stone formations.  From the valley floor we quickly discovered the final tunnel – people coming through 🙂 .   From the tunnel entrance, looking back at way we had come, it is easy to see how one might take awhile to find the path through if they had come in this direction first instead of Fat Man’s Pass.  Once through the tunnel another small fading Hohokam petroglyph panel with some graffiti on it can be found to the left.



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