August 16 Day 12 – Bordeaux

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August 16 Day 12 – Bordeaux

August 16 Day 12 – Bordeaux

Farewell….SAD (as some famous person once said)

Disembark after breakfast and transfer to Bordeaux Airport.  I’m not sure how early breakfast is but we get picked up at OMG  breakfast at 3:10!  We check in at the airport at 4:10 and our flight for Amsterdam left at 6:20 arriving at 7:50.  Our Flight from Amsterdam leaves at 12:25 arriving Calgary at 13:25.

What a long day! Up in the dark, too early to eat the continental breakfast provided in the lounge, and taxied swiftly through empty streets to the empty airport.  A half hour of confusion before some official walked by who we stopped to ask questions of and get some partially pantomimed answers that yes we were in the right place to drop off the luggage before going further to the security and gate.  Nothing open, and nothing to do but wait in line forever.  OMG – Going to be a very long day!  Finally on board plane so I could close my eyes and rest a bit!  Then the long wait at the Amsterdam Airport before finally getting on our plane.  I think my eyes were closed 90% of the flight and Diana struggled to keep her cold at bay.  Yippee – we arrived to a smoke filled Calgary!  Grabbed some groceries and back to the house and into hibernation for a few days.  Then booking another tour next year!  What!! 😄

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