August 2/August 3 France 2018

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August 2/August 3 France 2018

One thing for sure about this blogging business, I don’t know how people do it on a daily basis – I was having too much fun to stop and blog along the way so here I am after the holiday is done!

Finally a year after booking we started our ‘Breathtaking Bordeaux River Cruise’,  we left Calgary at 12:30 on West Jet, August 2 and arrived in Montreal at 18:37. We stopped for supper in the amazing Archibald Microbrasserie and Restaurant – yum!  After supper we continued on to our departure gate stopping for a glass of wine on the way, practicing for the wine tour.

At 22:15 we left Montreal on Air France and arrived in Paris August 3, at 10:50 in the morning.  Through the airport to find our luggage and out to find Scenic for our transfer to the Hotel Scribe in Paris.  Exciting to finally be in Paris!

Exhausted we arrived at the hotel about 1:30 and were lucky to get into our rooms right away. But after settling in we headed off to find the ParisCityVision office to pick up our Hop On Hop Off  vouchers for the bus and Skip the Line Louvre.   We needed to stay up as long as possible to sleep through the night so a walk on Paris streets was the ideal way to do it!  With a slight detour of a block or two we found the office quite easily, along with the Louvre, which was just across the street!  Afterward the four of us trudged back to the hotel, found a restaurant across the street, had a light salad and cold beer for lunch/supper before heading back to the hotel for bed.  Day one complete!


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