Olowalu Petroglyphs

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Olowalu Petroglyphs


The road on the left side of Olowalu General Store, located off mile marker 15 HWY 30, leads to the petroglyph site. Head past the water tower toward the mountains, follow the path 0.5 miles as it curves around to the start of the basalt cliffs. Bear left at the Olowalu Cultural Reserve sign. The 200 to 300 year old petroglyphs are located on the right hand side cliff face and can be viewed from the side of the dirt road. Do not climb to the rock panels or touch the petroglyphs. In the mid 60’s a wooden stairway and viewing platform were built but only remnants of them remain.

The Olowalu petroglyphs are chiseled into the rock cliffs of Kilea, a volcanic cinder cone in the V-shaped Olowalu Valley. They depict humans, animals and sails and possibly events in the artist’s lives. This sacred Hawaiian site is also known as Pu’u Kilea. There has been some vandalism at the site. Be respectful, don’t add to it. The trail follows an ancient Hawaiian route that crossed the Olowalu Valley into the Iao Valley. Public access ends at the petroglyphs.

I have been to the site 3 times, once with nieces and nephews and twice with different sisters. No doubt I could find an excuse to go a fourth time as long as it does not become closed to the public.


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