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For me one of the most beautiful Hawaiian Islands to visit, in the middle of winter, has been Maui.  But having said that a person also has to realize it is the only  Hawaiian Island I have visited. I am surprised to realize I have been to Maui four times and eagerly await a fifth.  Getting off the plane at almost midnight that first time and smelling the hot humid air filled with the fragrance of flowers was the most amazing experience.  Sea, sand, sun, surf, mountains, waterfalls, whales, snorkeling, turtles, colorful fish, blow holes, hikes, so much to see and do!


This is sooooo awesome Pat, I love it!!!! Your pictures are amazing and so real, even though I admire your passion for ancient ruins and petroglyphs I think that my favorite is Hawaii, but I can’t wait to see your next adventure!!!!

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